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PHIL 1181 (29) Ethics in the Community

PHIL 1181 (29) Ethics in the Community
Matthew Palombo
Section: 29
Spring 2009

This course is a service-learning course. You will learn a range of multicultural ethical theories: western, African, Asian, Native American, feminist, and ecological. You will be encouraged to think critically about ethical questions and apply ethical theories to practical issues that arise through your service-learning. Each of you will be involved in a service-learning activity with a local non-profit community of your choice. The goal of service-learning is to better learn and engage the content of this ethics class through "real-life" experiences and meaningful academic reflection. You will be required to fulfill your on-site service-learning hours with your community partner. By the end of this course you should be able to: Become involved in the ethical dilemmas that your service-learning community engages every day. Explain how ethical questions and the responses to them are embedded in larger cultural contexts Compare ethical decision-making systems and their conclusions Apply ethical decision-making systems to situations that arise in service-learning communities Describe major multicultural methods for making ethical decisions

Service Activities: 30 hours of service learning with a course-relevant community partner of your choice. Service Learning done individually.

Service Learning: Fully Integrated Required

Service Hours: 30