Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association

    Address: 1718 Washington Ave N.
    Minneapolis, MN 55411
    Contact Person:
    Mission: The Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association (HAMAA) was incorporated in September, 1990, as a non-profit organization to serve all Hmong-American people in the Twin Cities with the mission to: 1) promote leadership in the Hmong Community; 2) promote educational advancement for Hmong youth and teens; 3) encourage Hmong refugees to be self-sufficient and contributing members of their Community, and; 4) promote and maintain Hmong cultural heritage. Youth Empowerment Program for Teens (ages 11-21 years) is a program to reduce truancy and delinquency and develop employable skills among Hmong youth through career development skills, awareness of societal rules and values and diversion from delinquency, crime and youth gang activity by providing developmental activities.